Dissertation 2020/2021

 ‘Is our visual response to art as equally influenced by neurology 
as it is by semiotics and cultural experience?’

Disertation Abstract:               

By arguing that visual neurology was somewhat underplayed by writers in the latter half of the twentieth century, in favour of the study of signs and symbols. I will argue that our response to art is as equally influenced by the ocular sensory apparatus, specifically looking at the emerging science of neuroaesthetics, and in doing so look to readdress the balance. 

Chapter Headings:


Chapter I:     Our visual connection with art and photography, both consciously and unconsciously.

Chapter II:    Neuroscience of the visual system; the brains integration with the body   and re-integrating reason with emotion.

Chapter III:  Complex operations of the brain and the rich diversity of the visual experience.





Is there an argument that what we see is first and foremost as a result of the neurological relationship between our eye and the brain; long before what we know and what we have learnt comes into play? To explore this further we will need to look at both sides of the argument; by addressing the balance between what we know and what we learn, with that of the visual neurology of our brain. 

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