A Community Art Project

I am very excited to have been asked to take part in an art installation on the streets of my home town, Bury St Edmunds. With so many galleries still closed, or with limited access, this project aims to bring not only local artists together after our long lockdown, but also some art to the streets of Bury St Edmunds.

I will be collaborating with fine art artist Julie Troy Art. Julie works with found and recycled materials, in particular dyes that can be made from natural resources. It’ll be an interesting project; bringing the together the three dimensional work a fine art artist with the two dimensional imagery of a photographer. We will both be graduating with our BA later this year, so this will be our first ‘post uni’ project which is super exciting. 

The theme is ‘What Makes Bury Tick’  and is being organised by other creatives in the town as part of the Art Around Town Bury : ’The Summer of 2021 Art Encounter’. Once Julie and I have handed in our final assignments, in just a few weeks time, we will have about a  month in which to come up with our own interpretation of what makes our home town ‘tick’. 

Bury is an amazing market town which is full of independent shops. With the big high street department stores changing their business profiles to online, it will be our independent traders that keep our streets alive and bustling. This will be a great opportunity for artists, but it will also be an opportunity to showcase our retail and hospitality businesses as they come out of a year of lockdowns.

‘Bury St Edmunds in the Twilight Zone’

These are a few frames I shot on my Hasselblad just before lockdown restrictions were eased last month; shot on a film stock I’d not used before, Cinestill 800T . Cinestill 800T is specifically made for the warm colours of tungsten light, hence the ‘T’. The name comes from the heritage of the emulsion; it was originally used for shooting moving images. It has been altered slightly for use in still photography and now has the unique quality of creating a halo around red and warm white lights:

For the first time of using this film I was pleased with the results. I metered on the highlights, but have still lost a little detail in the very bright areas, so next time I might bracket a few frames that I can blend in post … and of course winding on the film might be a good move too, as the last frame demonstrates!

Tech: Hasselblad 500CM / Zeiss Planar 2.8, 80mm / Cinestill 800t / spot metered for the highlights and mid-tones / tungsten lights and LED spotlights in the shop windows  / minimal edits in post, slight crop if needed and the ‘burn tool’ used for the highlights.

Using Format