Answering a Call for Entries

In 2021 Shutter Hub are to launch their new publishing house: Shutter Hub Editions; ’a collection of beautiful printed publications, featuring themed and solo books for people who love photography to collect’. Their first publication is on the theme of POETRY, there is still time to enter; deadline is 18th February 2021. 

Fortunately for me they are not looking for actual poems, but images that evoke a sense of poetry, expressing emotions and feelings. 

It has without a doubt been a challenging twelve months; I’m sure there is not a household in the world who doesn’t have a story to tell about living in the eye of a global pandemic. Heralding light at the end of our dark tunnel are the new vaccines; with them we can dare to hope for brighter tomorrows, and perhaps a return to some degree of normality. It will be a ‘new normal’, but what will that look like? What scars will remain?

The news is full of facts and figures … our scientists ask  ”next slide please”, but each notch on their graphs represents a family, a loved one vaccinated, a loved one recovered … and a loved one lost. The lucky ones will be those who can look back on 2020, and the beginning of 2021, and celebrate with friends and family as they start to rebuild their lives. Yes, we must focus on hope; sending funny memes to cheer each other up, Zoom chats with with a glass of wine and lockdown walks around our home, seeing things we have never noticed before.

There are however 89,423 families, as of  Monday the 18th January 2021, who have lost a loved one; as conversations shift from fear and loss to hope and new tomorrows, there are 89,423 families who will forever carry the loss that Covid 19 brought with it.



Tech: Hasselblad 500CM / Zeiss Planar 2.8, 80mm / Ilford HP5+  / shot handheld with aperture wide open, ss of 1/60 I think / natural lighting only / minimal edit in Photoshop with a Levels adjustment to increase contrast. 

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