1. Copyright & Ethics in Photography

    06 Mar 2021
    What is the use and meaning of copyright in relation to the photographic image? What is meant by ‘fair use’ of a photograph, and what constitutes as it being in the ‘public domain’? It is not only copyright that needs to be considered, but also the ethical practices of the…

  2. Art & the Mind

    01 Mar 2021
    Is our visual response to art as equally influenced by neurology as it is by semiotics and cultural experience?   This week is the deadline for our Dissertation hand in; ten thousand words, countless hours of research, but weirdly I actually enjoyed writing it; here are a few extracts from the…

  3. Portfolios - Presentation & Preparation

    20 Feb 2021
    What is a Portfolio? Why do I need one? Has the current pandemic changed how I should showcase my work? Now more than ever before, we have an opportunity to take stock of how we present not only our work, but also ourselves as artists What is a Portfolio? “The

  4. Self Evaluation with The Gibbs Reflective Cycle

    13 Feb 2021
    Self evaluating your work as a creative artist is vital. Where am I going with my work? What are my strengths and weaknesses?  How to I evaluate where I am? All questions we should be asking ourselves as visual artists … but where do you start The Gibbs Reflective Cycle…

  5. The Power of The #hashtag

    05 Feb 2021
    Why use hashtags on Instagram? I confess my hashtags are a bit of an afterthought on my posts, and practically non existent on my Instagram stories. So why use hashtags, how do they work, how can they build new followers … and how can they loose you followers By using…

  6. Self Representation in the Visual Arts Industry

    29 Jan 2021
    A really informative online discussion on The Visual Loop Instagram page with Steve Macleod and Kate O’Neill on self representation in the visual arts industry. It’s well worth a listen (link here); I’ve made a few bullet points for myself, so will share on my blog:  What does it mean…

  7. Answering a Call for Entries

    20 Jan 2021
    In 2021 Shutter Hub are to launch their new publishing house: Shutter Hub Editions; ’a collection of beautiful printed publications, featuring themed and solo books for people who love photography to collect’. Their first publication is on the theme of POETRY, there is still time to enter; deadline…

  8. Inadvertently Pushing HP5+

    13 Jan 2021
    Lockdown #3 is proving to be a real struggle, I’m struggling to get motivated on my uni studies. That said, I did shoot two rolls of 120 on the 500CM at the weekend for my Degree Project; at home, indoors naturally! One roll on Kodak Portra 160 and another on…

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