Curating your Website and Instagram Account

Curating your Website and Instagram account, what does this mean exactly? The Oxford English dictionary states curating is: ‘to select, organise and look after the objects or works of art in a museum or an art gallery’ . Your website and your professional Instagram account are your  ‘galleries’, where you can select and organise your own work and in doing so look after your artwork in the same way that you would exhibit it at an exhibition.

On Thursday evening Rich Gilligan gave an online artist talk for the BA Photography students at the University of Suffolk, and it was Rich that spoke about curating your own website and Instagram account. An amazingly talented artist and photographer, who gave us students some really valuable advice about earning a living from being a photographer. Rich outlined his journey from the age of eleven, when he was taking photographs at skate parks, to the present day, where he has worked with companies such as Vogue, Adidas and Vans, to name just a few. Essentially being a successful photographer, it could be argued,  is all about networking (as discussed in my last post), but I would argue that there’s more to it than just talking to the right people at the right time. Yes, networking is core to any self employed creative, however, who you are as an individual will ultimately be what makes you successful and this is where curating your online presence can be so important. 

Below are a few screen shots from Rich’s website and Instagram page:

Rich Gilligan Website

Website Thumbnails

Rich Gilligan Instagram

Instagram Thumbnails

Just by opening Rich’s website you find it has a clean, professional and cohesive look. Click on any of the names on his home page and a small thumbnail will appear, click on any of the links on the menu bar and there is a grid display of the work. His website mirrors the way his work is displayed on his Instagram page, with each image on both platforms having a style and colour tone that work together … in much the same way as if they were hung in a gallery.

Some bullets points on curating your own online gallery:

  • Plan your Instagram and Website layout, white background and borders can work well
  • Think about the colour and tone of how the images work together
  • Just have your work in your Instagram feed, use your stories for anything else you might want to post
  • Group your stories in Highlights, but again think about the cover image so it matches the overall look
  • Perhaps use a themed template on your website and then mirror that to your Instagram account
  • Have a look at the artists who inspire you; what are their websites like? 

Here are some screenshots of my own website and Instagram account:

My Website Home Page

My Instagram Feed

I may need to do some curating of my own ‘gallery’, especially with my website perhaps, which may work better with thumbnail links to my projects and an overall fresher look;  it can be a job for after my final hand in! 

Just some of my own thoughts here; of course there are no rules really, it’s your online presence and it should reflect who you are, not only as a creative, but also as a person, let your personality and work shine … in your own gallery.


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