1. A Gift

    03 Oct 2021
    I wonder how many of us have an old box brownie lurking in a cupboard somewhere, just sitting there quietly gathering dust. Developed at the turn of the last century they introduced us to the ‘snapshot’. Fast forward 120 years and we are still in love with the ‘snapshot’, albeit…

  2. From Pizza Box to Exhibition

    17 Sep 2021
    In April of this year I was asked to take part in an art installation on the streets of my home town, Bury St Edmunds. The  ‘Art Around Town’ project aimed to bring businesses and artists together, and for me this resulted in a new exhibition of my…

  3. An Evaluation

    01 Jul 2021
    On Friday 25th June I received my degree classification, after four years in education, with the last two semesters completed in the eye of a global pandemic, I was awarded a first class degree and could not have been more proud of myself! University was not a door that was…

  4. Act II

    01 Jun 2021
    As our theatres finally begin to reopen, now seems a good time to reflect back on my Final Major Project in 2018 with the UAL at the West Suffolk College.  Act II  documented the unique world of amateur dramatics where I was very privileged to be able to follow the…

  5. Connecting Again

    07 May 2021
    As our world slowly unlocks we are all craving contact and ‘normal’, but after a year of essentially being on our own, connecting again is not that easy, and to be honest perhaps a little scary A trip to the hairdressers, (a cut and colour after six long months!), boosted…

  6. A Community Art Project

    22 Apr 2021
    I am very excited to have been asked to take part in an art installation on the streets of my home town, Bury St Edmunds. With so many galleries still closed, or with limited access, this project aims to bring not only local artists together after our long lockdown, but…

  7. Family Photographs & Memory

    03 Apr 2021
    My father was a keen, and experienced, amateur photographer, but sadly I do not have access to the numerous photographs he took. Photographs of me as a child, together with the beautiful images he took during his tour of the Far East; he was posted there with the RAF before…

  8. Art & the Mind

    01 Mar 2021
    Is our visual response to art as equally influenced by neurology as it is by semiotics and cultural experience?   This week is the deadline for our Dissertation hand in; ten thousand words, countless hours of research, but weirdly I actually enjoyed writing it; here are a few extracts from the…

  9. Answering a Call for Entries

    20 Jan 2021
    In 2021 Shutter Hub are to launch their new publishing house: Shutter Hub Editions; ’a collection of beautiful printed publications, featuring themed and solo books for people who love photography to collect’. Their first publication is on the theme of POETRY, there is still time to enter; deadline…

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