Working Title (Beauty)

‘The nude of a woman is not only an expression of a woman’s outer beauty, but also a message of her inner self awareness, her wisdom and her strength’ (Mrhar, 2018)

As woman we each possess our own unique and individual beauty, but what do we regard as visual beauty, and what influences that perception. 

Imagery of the female form has been ingrained into our visual culture for centuries, changing with the fashion and depicted differently depending on culture and society. However, our visual beauty as women is now being manipulated like never before. With an ever increasing array of digital filters and computer retouching, the female form can be changed and altered within seconds, and with it the reality of our bodies is being replaced with a false ideal.

Our bodies grow and age, encompassing all the changes that life brings. It is through our bodies that we experience pleasure, pain, and love, yet so many of us hide our bodies, apologise for them, and compare them to others. 

Working only with a manual film camera, studio lighting, and darkroom techniques, this project aims to give woman strength and self-awareness over their own image, to celebrate their bodies ... completely unedited and unfiltered.

Be a Part of this Project:

Inspired visually by classical art and early Victorian portraiture, I'm looking for women, and people who identify as being female, to be a part of this project.

If you would like to take part, please contact me for further information.

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